London Disturbances

The following letter was sent on August 9, 2011 to all Boston University London students:

Dear Students,

Following the email yesterday we are writing to you again as the violence in London is still continuing and spread last night into new areas.

We have been in contact with the Police. Their advice and ours is that during the evening and at night you should remain in the South Kensington area.  Although the violence does not affect the area of London where we are located we advise you to either stay in our housing or close to it as it is no-one can predict where there may be more violence.

If you are on the internship programme you should continue going to your internship. However, if you are required to travel to areas you are concerned about please contact us, and take advice from your Internship.

Please ensure you have your mobile phone with you at all times, and you that you have entered the RA on Call number (0777 55 66 392) and the Office number (0207 244 6255) in case you need to be in contact.

We would be grateful if you shared this information with your parents to allay any concerns that they may have.

Please ensure that you mobile/cellphone number is correct on your personal page so that we can contact you easily.

If you have any questions please be in contact and do please keep up to date with the news. Check or

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