Important Announcement Regarding the Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies

March 19th, 2011, 12:00 pm.

To all Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies students and parents,

Boston University concurs with the decision of KCJS to suspend the remainder of the semester. Please understand that this decision was not taken lightly but only after careful deliberation and communication between KCJS, BU, and the other universities making up the KCJS consortium. We believe this action to be prudent and in the best interest of our students.

We also appreciate the difficulty of the situation you find yourselves in and will offer whatever support we can to help you return to the United States and finish the KCJS semester remotely. If you need additional help with travel or other logistical matters beyond what the KCJS staff can provide, please contact Debbie Miller, for assistance.

In order to complete your KCJS courses and receive full credit for the semester, please follow the instructions that KCJS has given you. If you need further academic assistance, or have questions about BU credits or other academic matters, contact Debra Terzian, For emergencies, please call Joseph Finkhouse at the International Programs Emergency number, 617-594-3215.

Below please find the official statement from KCJS.

We express our deepest sympathy for the people of Japan and join the global community in supporting their efforts for a successful recovery from this disaster.

Urbain (Ben) DeWinter, PhD
Associate Provost
International Programs
888 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston University
Boston, MA 02215
(T) +(617) 353-7113
(F) +(617) 358-0381

Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies
Plan for the Last 4 Weeks of KCJS Spring 2011

In light of the recent developments in northeastern Japan, and the increasing uncertainty of what lies ahead in the coming weeks, KCJS is suspending the on-site program in Kyoto including classroom instruction, housing arrangements and all extracurricular activities for the remainder of the spring semester. KCJS has arranged for students to continue and complete their course work remotely. We realize that this decision will disrupt your personal and academic lives, but with the cooperation of everyone involved, we hope that together we can meet the upcoming challenges. Please find more details below.


  • All students should depart Japan immediately.
  • If you already have a flight reservation to return to the U.S., please contact the airlines to change your reservation. If you require any assistance, please contact the KCJS office in Kyoto or your study abroad office on your home campus.
  • Some airlines are providing fee waivers for changes to reservations. If there is a charge to change the departure date, KCJS will reimburse you.
  • KCJS can not take responsibility for students who choose to remain in Japan.

Academic Program

  • All students will have the opportunity to gain academic credit upon completion of remaining coursework as explained below.
  • All classes will have final meetings at the scheduled class hours on March 22 and 23 (Monday, March 21 is a national holiday in Japan) to work out the procedures for completing course requirements. Professor Hikino‚Äôs Friday class will meet on Wednesday, March 23, at 1:15 pm. Students who have already left Kyoto will be informed of all course requirements by their course instructors by March 25. All required coursework must be completed and submitted by May 2. Academic credit will be contingent upon completion of all course requirements and the policies of each home institution. Students must immediately contact their study abroad office regarding policies for the granting of academic credit.
  • Language Class requirements: In principle, the procedures will be the same as above.
  • Professor Smith will be in contact with students taking independent studies about requirements.
  • Students will no longer have foreign student status at Doshisha University and must return their ID cards to the KCJS office by March 26.

Tuition & Fees

  • Reimbursements will be made for the unused portion of the spring semester program fee, which covers costs of housing, meals, and cultural activities.
  • Students may not remain in KCJS-sponsored housing after March 26.

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