For Keio University Students

March 16th, 2011, 11:30 am.

A message from the Keio University International Center:

To all Japanese Language Program students, Keio International Program students, and Research Students (who are exchange students),

Owing to the current situation in Japan resulting from the Tohoku – Pacific Ocean Earthquake, the schedule for the beginning of the 2011 Spring Semester for Japanese Language Program students and exchange students will be altered as follows.

The events and orientation that were scheduled to take place by Friday, April 1, have been canceled. At the current time these events and orientation will now take place from Monday, April 4. (The University’s Entrance Ceremony is still scheduled to take place on Friday, April 1. However, dependent on future developments this could change.)

As the future development of the current situation is hard to predict, we will contact you again by email, so please continue to check your emails. Please also check the Keio University home pages given below, as responses to future developments may be posted here at any time.

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