BU Awarded Travel Grant For 2011 Shanghai Summer Program

US-China Education Trust Supports International Programs’ Approach To Study Abroad in China

Boston University students interested in the 2011 Shanghai Chinese Studies Summer Program have another reason to start those online applications.

This week the US-China Education Trust (USCET) announced it is providing International Programs with a travel grant to encourage more BU students to study abroad in China this summer.

“Boston University has developed several strong China study abroad programs over the last three years, and the US-China Education Trust is excited to hear about BU’s vision for the future of those programs,” said USCET Founder and President Julia Chang Bloch.

Once accepted into the Shanghai Chinese Summer Program, each qualified Boston University student will receive a $1200 travel grant from USCET’s Student Leaders Exchange Program.

The USCET Student Leaders Exchange program is the first program to be launched under the “100,000 Strong” Presidential Initiative that is designed to encourage 100,000 additional Americans to study abroad in China.

“Given the importance of people-to-people exchange, and the Obama Administration’s goal to boost US study abroad through its ‘100,000 Strong’ initiative, there is no question that programs like BU’s are exactly what is needed in US-China relations,” added Ambassador Bloch.

BU’s eight-credit Shanghai summer program offers intensive language study, alone or in combination with an elective course.

Students spend eight weeks living and studying in China’s largest and most vibrant city.

International Programs will run its 2011 Shanghai Chinese Studies Summer Program from June 18-August 14.

Language instruction is augmented by travel to historic northern cities such as Beijing and Xi’an, weekend travel to a nearby Yangzi River delta city, like Suzhou, and visits to local cultural sites.

USCET awarded grants to four universities. Boston University, the only private institution to be chosen, shares the honor with San Francisco State University, University of Arkansas, and University of North Alabama.

The application deadline for all BU summer programs, including the Shanghai Chinese Studies Program is March 1st.

Students can begin their application online.

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