A portrait photo of Santiago Gomez standing with his arms crossed

Striking Out Racist Terminology in Engineering

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A photo of Massachusetts State Representative Jon Santiago posing in front of a gate that reads "Boston Medical Center"
Politics of Covid-19

Jon Santiago, the Doctor in the House

Composite image of different screenshots of clubs connecting remotely over Zoom. In the top left, a student in a red BU shirt holds what looks like a hose. On the top right, four students dance or stretch, on the bottom, fours students do a plank over zoom. On the bottom right, a student dances.
Student Life

Student Clubs and Organizations FInd Ways to stay Connected, at a Distance

An illustrated, abstract rendering of gerrymandering. Two red hands holding red pens mark up a map of the US. Suit cuffs are around the hands, implying they are politicians.

Can Algorithms Lick Politicians’ Gerrymandering?