Five New Projects Fighting COVID-19

Five New Projects Fighting COVID-19

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Aerial shot of Marsh Plaza and Comm Ave. Drone footage vividly capturing how BU has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Video shot by Above Summit, edited by Chris Palmer, BU Productions
Campus Life

This Eerie Drone Footage of BU Will Make You Yearn for Campus Life

Composite image of stills from videos of BU classes being taught remote. In the bottom left, Maura Smith, a College of Communication master lecturer in film, is seen standing at a standing desk. In the top left and bottom right, Yo-EL Cassell, a College of Fine Arts assistant professor of movement, reads from a computer and demonstrates movements. In the top right, students for Yo-EL's class are seen moving in door frames.
Remote & Innovative

Hands-on Teaching Meets Distance Learning


Snapshot of a Hollywood photographer